Please refer to the following article on installation and deployment of Active Directory:

Deploying Active Directory

Create the Site's AD Container

First, you will need to setup the AD container that will host your website's users and groups. 

Ideally if you are going to be hosting a number of ADXSTUDIO sites, it's best to create an ADX OU where all future ADXSTUDIO sites will be created under that node.  That way you can give the Internet Services Account group you created earlier Read access (List contents, Read all properties, Read permissions) over that node and all it's children and then dump all your IUSRs into that group and not have to set the permissions for each new site.

  1. Open up Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. In the top menu, select View and make sure that Advanced Features is selected.
  3. Now navigate to the appropriate level within your AD heirarchy.
  4. Once there, right-click on the parent containe and select New > Organizational Unit.
  5. Type in an appropriate name (ie. wireframeindustries) and click OK.
  6. Now that the OU is created, right-click on that OU and select New > Organizational Unit.
  7. Type in the name Users and click OK.
  8. Now right-click on the Users container and select New > Group.
  9. Give the group a name (ie. adxAdmin), select Domain Local and Security and click OK.
  10. Now right-click on the wireframeindustries container and select Properties.
  11. Select the Security tab and choose Advanced and then click Add.
  12. Enter the name of the group you created above and click Check Names.  When you are satisfied that it is the same group, click OK.
  13. This group is going to be the admin group for your site, so you will need to grant it "Full control" in the "Allow" column for "This object and all descendant objects" and click OK and OK and OK to make those changes.
  14. Now right-click on the Users container and select New > User and fill in the details, making sure that the password meets any complexity requirements set by your network and set it to "Password never expires" and click Next and then Finish.
  15. Right-click on the user and choose Properties.
  16. Set the Description to the username you will want to log in to the console as (ie. administrator) and click OK. - ADXSTUDIO uses the Description fields as the logon name as all future accounts created will set the Name to a GUID and the Description to whatever logon name you assigned.  You only have to do this for the first account or any other accounts that are created directly from Active Directory Users and Computers.
  17. All future Users and Groups are created and managed via the ADXSTUDIO CMS console.

Wireframe Industries Demonstration Site Code

The .msi package for the CMS includes a sample website called Wireframe Industries.  It is located in the Samples\WireframeIndustries folder under the installation location.  Locate this folder with Windows explorer and examine the folder structure.  There will be an inetpub folder that contains the website files for the sample as well as a SQL folder that contains a SQL 2005 backup of the database for the sample.

Create Anonymous Website User Account

A new user account should be created for which the website with run as for anonymous access.  Using the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new domain user account called IUSR_WFI
  2. Give the user account an appropriate password and record the password as it will be required later
  3. Once the user account has been created, modify the user account's membership so that it is a member of the Internet Service Accounts group (the Internet Service Accounts group was created during the steps in the Web Server Installation and Configuration installation guide)

Installing Website Code

  1. Copy the website rendering code, the contents of the folder to the location websites will be installed to on your server.  For example, C:\Inetpub\WireframeIndustries.
  2. Copy the ADXSTUDIO framework DLLs from the ADXSTUDIO installation directory into the website's Bin directory.  For example, all of the files located in C:\Program Files\ADXSTUDIO\CMS\vX.X\Framework need to be copied to C:\Inetpub\WireframeIndustries\Bin.

Restore the Wireframe Database Backup

Using the SQL management tools:

  1. Restore the database backup file to a new database named WireframeIndustriesADX.
  2. Add the IUSR_WFI user account as a login to the WireframeIndustriesADX database with public access.
  3. Then open up a command prompt and navigate to the Utilities folder inside your version of ADXSTDUIO (ie. c:\program files\adxstudio\cms\6.2.0040\utilities).
  4. We will use the ResetCmsAccess.exe tool to set which group has full admin access to the DB.
  5. In the command prompt from the Utilities folder run the following:

resetcmsaccess.exe /server:yourdbserver /database:yourdatabase /roleName:adxAdmin

Please note that the /roleName is the only case-sensitive part of the command and adxAdmin can be substituted for whatever admin group you created in AD for your site.  Once the command is run, you will get back a response indicating that all admin access has been reset to the group you specified.

Create a Web Site

Using Internet Information Services Manager:

  1. Using Internet Information Service Manager, open up the Sites node.
  2. Right-click and select "Add Web Site" from the context menu
  3. Enter a name for the site.  
  4. Browse to the website folder.
  5. Enter the binding information, including the host header for the website.
  6. Click "OK" to create the website (which also creates an application pool with the same name).
  7. Select the new website and double-click on "Authentication" in the IIS section.
  8. Right-click on "Anonymous Authentication" and select "Edit"
  9. Select the "Application pool identity" radio option and click "OK"
  10. Select the new website again and double-click on the "Error Pages" application
  11. Right-click on "404" and select "edit" from the context menu.
  12. Select "Execute a URL on this site" radio option and enter '/default.aspx' in the URL field.  Click OK.
  13. Right-click on any error and select "Edit Feature Settings".
  14. Change the Error respons to "Custom error pages" and click OK.
  15. Find the application pool for your website, right-click and choose Advanced Settings.
  16. Under Process Model, change the Identity to a Custom account and set it to the IUSR you created earlier.

Create adx Virtual Directory

Using Internet Information Services Manager:

  1. Select your website using Internet Information Services Manager
  2. Right-click and select "Add Virtual Directory" from the context menu.
  3. Enter 'adx' for the Alias field
  4. Select the appropriate adx folder from your ADXSTUDIO CMS installation for the physical path field.  e.g. C:\Program Files\ADXSTUDIO\CMS\v6.2.0040\inetpub\adx

Update Web.adxstudio.sites.config File

Update the following items in the Web.config file located c:\inetpub\WireframeIndustries\Web.adxstudio.sites.config, specifically the adxstudio.sites node:

         <add name="Wireframe Industries" defaultConnectionStringName="ADX_CMS_DB-SQLDB">
 		<add key="LDAP" value="LDAP://"/>
 		<add key="SiteRootDN" value="OU=yoursite,OU=ADX,DC=yourdomain,DC=com"/>
 		<!--<add key="ADX_LAN_LOGON" value="true" />
 		<add key="ADX_DEFAULT_DOMAIN" value="yourdomain" />-->
 		<add key="ADX_ERR_MAIL_TO" value=""/>

  • In the adxstudio.sites <appsettings> node update SiteRootDN attribute from "DC=MyDomain,DC=com"  to your own domain.  If you are unfamiliar with your domain configuration, you can get the value for this variable by using the ShowRootDSE utility in ADXSTUDIO.
  • In the adxstudio.sites <appsettings> node comment out the ADX_LAN_LOGON and ADX_DEFAULT_DOMAIN lines.
  • In the adxstudio.sites <connectionStrings> node update the Server value to the SQL server\instance that hosts the WireframeIndustriesADX database
  • In the adxstudio.sites <connectionStrings> node update the Database value to use WireframeIndustriesADX or any other name you gave the WireframeIndustries database

Update Web.config File

  • If using the Wireframe Industries sample site, you will need to edit the following connection string as the Wireframe sample makes use of the SQL profile provider:

    <add name="Sql_profile" connectionString="Integrated Security=SSPI; Server=yoursqlserver; Database=yourdatabase" /> 

  • Under <system.web> find the membership providers and replace the existing section with the following section:

<membership defaultProvider="AdxMembershipProvider">
  <add name="Adxstudio.Cms" type="Adxstudio.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider"/>
  <add name="AdxMembershipProvider" type="Adxstudio.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider"/>

  • Under <system.web> find the roleManager providers and replace the existing section with the following section:

<roleManager enabled="true" defaultProvider="AdxRoleProvider">
  <add name="Adxstudio.Cms" type="Adxstudio.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryRoleProvider"/>
  <add name="AdxRoleProvider" type="Adxstudio.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryRoleProvider"/>

Verify the Site

Your Wireframe Industries demonstration site should now render from a web browser on the web server desktop at the url http://localhost.  You can log onto the console at the following URL http://locahost/adx/admin.