• System Jobs Maintenance and Deleting System Jobs using ALM Toolkit PowerShell cmdlets

    I was working on a CRM 2011 system that had several million system job records in it, and the number of records was growing very rapidly. The database had reached a size of over 120 gigabytes, and the number of continually growing system jobs was becoming an administrative and performance issue. I explain in this blog post how I analyzed and prevented the accumulation of new system jobs and deleted the existing ones. All of this information is still relevant to newer versions of CRM.

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  • PowerShell script to update all CRM organizations to newest version

    I recently updated a CRM server to the newest update rollup version, and found afterwards the CRM server was configured to not automatically update all the organizations when update rollups are installed. To handle this post-upgrade situation, I wrote a PowerShell script to automate the update of the organizations rather than manually updating each organization one at a time through the deployment manager user interface.

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  • Integrating Google Analytics into Adxstudio Portals

    Google Analytics can be easily integrated into an Adxstudio Portals solution through a simple data entry configuration procedure using the Content Snippets entity. This blog post shows how to enter your Google Analytics tracking code and how the Google Analytics script gets inserted into the portal's web pages.

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  • Template Rationalization

    The latest releases of Adxstudio Portals have included a number of enhancements to the page templates that we ship with our product to make it much more usable out-of-box for our customers.  We have listened to your feedback and are now shipping a number of new useful templates that will require no effort on your behalf to use.  This article will showcase some of the new changes available.

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  • Portal Theming and Micro-sites

    A quick introduction for setting up micro-sites and multiple themes in a portal. This article will explain what can be done.

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  • Adxstudio Portals Training Webinar Recordings - Quick Start Your Portals Projects

    Adxstudio recently hosted an online two day webinar-styled training session for newcomers to our Portals products. Webinar ecordings are now available here. Topics include Intro/101, Content Management, Theming, Pre-Configured Portal Features, Government Portals, Security, Entity Forms, Entity Lists, Entity Permissions, Web Forms and an Introduction for Developers.

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  • What is the GTMProbe user agent?

    I was investigating why a cloud service that was supposed to be unused was receiving traffic, and upon looking at the IIS logs I noticed the majority of the requests were coming from a web client using the following user agent:

    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; GTMProbe 1.0)

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  • Azure scheduled maintenance for cloud services - September 19, 2014

    The Azure management portal is showing a notification for a scheduled maintenance operation that will cause cloud services to experience a brief outage. I haven't seen this posted publicly anywhere and wanted to help make this known. I am copying the details as shown in the Azure management portal.

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  • How much text can a note hold?

    I was recently working on a project where the question arose about how much text can a note hold. The need was for a user to be able to type in text, or copy-paste large amounts of text from another source such as an email. I didn't have an offhand answer to this question and looked into finding out.

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  • Build 2014 session videos

    Microsoft held its annual developer-focused Build conference on April 2 - 4, and thankfully all of the sessions were recorded and are available for viewing on their own Channel 9 events page. There are a lot of sessions to watch and learn from (185 to be exact) on a diverse set of topics. I've watched a few videos already - it's impressive, and almost overwhelming, to see and understand how much Microsoft has done in the last year.

    So far I've watched 2 videos. In the Day 2 Keynote session, an impressive number of new Windows Azure features were announced. In The Future of C# session, it started out by explaining the benefits of the new Roslyn compiler, and showed how developers will be able to hook into the compilation process using Roslyn's APIs to perform custom code transformations in Visual Studio, and then they showed some upcoming and proposed extensions to the C# language.

    These videos are going to keep me busy for quite a while, thank-you Microsoft for sharing them for everyone to watch!