Azure Data Center Performance for CRM Online

Windows Azure has introduced some new data centers in North America this spring.  I wanted to know which was the best data center to host my Azure sites that are connecting to CRM Online.  I couldn't get an answer out of any of my CRM MVP buddies or the CRM product team so I decided I would do a little testing on my own to determine what I should use as a strategy.  I dediced to spin up a sample Azure website then RDP to the server and browse to the /tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx url of my CRM Online subscription to give me the raw performance numbers.  This tool can be used with any CRM deployment and gives a few interesting performance numbers.  There are two real important numbers that would affect performance of the Azure sites using CRM Online - latency and bandwidth.  It is considered that CRM would need to be better than 150 ms of latency to be usable to an end user and it would require more than 50KB/s to be usable.  Those assessments are for an end user browser not the SDK, but they do provide a guideline.


Azure Data Center Latency Bandwidth
North Central US 31 ms 3.56 MB/s
South Central US 46 ms 478 KB/s
West US 81 ms 239 KB/s
East US 8 ms 24.92 MB/s

It looks like the current CRM Online data center that is used to host my organization is very close to the new Azure East US data center.  Notice that from a performance standpoint, there is a 1000% difference between the West US and East US data center.  This demonstrates to me that it was well worth my effort to measure this and to consider this in my Azure deployments.  Please note that these were a one-time test, all done at approximately the same time.  The performance numbers may change over time, especially as CRM Online moves to the new DR data centers.

  • and in the testing I did a couple of days ago for one of my clients who also has a CRM Online tenant in the US:

    Azure Data Center Latency Bandwidth
    West US 4 ms 30.22 MB/s
    North Central US 65 ms 315 KB/s

    so the CRM Online instances must be geographically spread over the US and it probably makes sense to try each location and find the best



  • Inspired, and using the new VM roles (WS 2012 rc) here's what I measured:

    From Seattle Cable W7 Azure EUS WS2012rc Azure WUS WS2012rc Azure EAsia WS2012rc
    Latency Test  43 ms 69 ms 7 ms 164 ms
    Bandwidth   Test  390   KB/sec 211 KB/sec 28.03 MB/sec 90 KB/sec
    JavaScript   Array Benchmark 24   ms 30 ms 15 ms 18 ms
    JavaScript   Morph Benchmark  161   ms 94 ms 47 ms 42 ms
    JavaScript Base64 Benchmark 2   ms 1 ms 2 ms 2 ms
    JavaScript   Dom Benchmark  402   ms 511 ms 594 ms 628 ms


    So definitely worth measuring before you finalize your Azure services location.  Now, how soon will Microsoft build out Azure web sites in West?



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