Learning Tracks:

Extending & Customizing

Expert-level training courses are designed to guide Developers on building custom applications on the Adxstudio platform.

Capabilities acquired:

  • Adxstudio Gap Fit Analysis
  • Toolkit resources
  • Custom Development Best practices
  • Custom Coding and Plugins

401: Developer Into


Page Templates: How to create custom Page Templates as well as display dynamic content from the CRM, including Web Controls, Expression Builders, Ads & Polls, Comments & Ratings, and MVC Helpers.

Portal Development Basics: Overviews of the LINQ query adapter, early and late-bound queries, using a custom code base, crmsvcutil, fetchXML, and plugin development.

MVC: How MVC conceptually fits into Adxstudio Portals.


  • 300: Content Management

Skills required:

Visual Studio Web Development

Length: 2.00 hr

402: Developer Deep Dive


  • Change to 401: Developer Into

Skills Required:

Visual Studio Web Development

Length: 2.00 hr