Adxstudio Portals Overview
Learn how Adxstudio Portals can help extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the web with powerful, easy-to-build, self-service portals for...
Building Portal Applications
Build powerful, self-service CRM portals with point-and-click configuration.
Content Management
Build powerful portals - even your entire website - without developer knowledge using the powerful content management system built into A...
Get Started
Adxstudio Portals allows you to get started quickly with cloud or self-hosted options.
Government Portal Solution: 311 Citizen Services
A walkthrough of how our Government Portal Solution can streamline 311 citizen service requests
Introduction to Adxstudio Portals
An introduction to web portals and how they integrate your CRM data with the web.
Portals Features Overview
An overview of the key features included in the various starter portals that come bundled with Adxstudio Portals
Portals is Device Responsive
Portals is device responsive and optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices - right out of the box.
Secure Foundation
A strong foundation is vital to building secure web applications.