If enabled, an entity can be published to an OData feed. The OData Protocol is an application-level protocol for interacting with data via RESTful web services. For configuration settings please refer to the Entity List page. Data from this feed can be viewed in a web browser, consumed by a client side web application, or imported into Excel. 

Important note: The oData feed that is published is anonymous and does not have any authorization checks, therefore do not enable odata feeds for CRM data that is not suitable for anonymous portal access.

Feed URL

The URL to the OData feed is http://<yourdomain>/_odata/ 

Supported Query Options

OData defines parameters that can be used to modify an OData query. The OData specification calls these parameters query options. The client sends these parameters in the query string of the request URI. For example, to sort the results, a client uses the $orderby parameter:


Option Description
$filter Filters the results, based on a Boolean condition.

Specifies that the response should use the media type specified by the query option.

  • $format=atom
  • $format=json
  • $format=jsonverbose

Tells the server to include the total count of matching entities in the response. 

  • $inlinecount=allpages
$orderby Sorts the results.
$skip Skips the first n results.
$top Returns only the first n results.


The $filter option lets a client filter the results by applying a Boolean expression. This implementation does not support all operations defined by the OData specification. See below for details.

Filter Operations

OData specifies a set of built-in filter operations.

  • All Logical Operators and Grouping Operators are supported.
  • Arithmetic Operators are NOT supported. 

Query Functions

OData specifies a set of built-in functions that can be used within $filter operations.

The following functions are supported:

  • substringof
  • endswith
  • startswith


Configuration Settings

The following properties enable/disable and configure OData feeds. The feed is suplimentary to the normal list rendering on a web page as determined by the settings on the Entity List. The feed can be accessed by navigating to http://yourdomain/_odata/ in the browser to view the entity set collections that have been made available or by making a query request to this endpoint. Please refer to Entity List OData Feeds for further details.

Name Description

Indicates if the OData feed is enabled.

Entity Type Name The name displayed in the OData Feed as the title of this entity object. If none is specified, the Entity Name will be used.


Entity Set Name The name displayed in the OData Feed as the title of this collection. Typically the plural form of the Entity Type Name. If none is specified, the Entity Name will be used.
View A savedquery view that will be used to define the entity exposed to the OData feed. The columns will be output as properties and the filter conditions will be maintained when executing the query to output the initial records. The Page Size property is used to determine the number of initial records to return.