Liquid is an open-source template language integrated into Adxstudio Portals. It can be used add dynamic content to pages, and to create entire custom templates.

What Can I Do with Liquid?

In all of these scenarios, you'll have dynamic access to familiar Adxstudio Portals features, such as Entity List, Content Snippets, Site Settings, and Web Links.

How Do I Write Liquid?

Liquid uses a combination of objects, tags, and filters to render dynamic content.


Objects contain attributes that are used to display dynamic content on the page. Access the attributes of the current page, and other Adxstudio Portals data.

{{ page.title }}


Tags make up the programming logic that tells templates what to do.

{% if user.fullname == 'Dave Bowman' %}
  Hello, Dave.
{% endif %}


Filters are used to modify the output of strings, numbers, variables, and objects.

{{ 'hal 9000' | upcase }} <!-- Output: HAL 9000 -->


Learn how to create advanced templates using these examples.

  If desired, Liquid can be disabled globally for a website, by setting the Site Setting Liquid/Enabled to false.