Provides the ability to access and render Blogs and Blog Posts.

The blogs object allows you to select a specific blog or blog posts:

{% assign posts = blogs.posts | paginate: 0,4 %}
<div class="content-panel panel panel-default">
<div class="panel-heading">
{% assign sitemarker = sitemarkers["Blog Home"] %}
{% assign snippet = snippets["Home Blog Activity Heading"] %}
<a class="pull-right" href="{{sitemarker.url}}"> All Blogs </a>
<a class="feed-icon fa fa-rss-square" href="{{ blogs.feedpath }}" />
{{ snippet.adx_value }}
<ul class="list-group">
{% for post in posts.all %}
<li class="list-group-item" >
<a class="user-avatar" href="{{ post.author_url }}">
<img src="{{ post.user_image_url }}" />
<h4 class="list-group-item-heading">
<a href="{{ post.app_relative_path }}">{{ post.title }}</a>
<div class="content-metadata">
<abbr class="timeago">{{ post.publish_date }}</abbr>
<a href="{{ post.author_url }}"> {{ post.author_name }} </a>
<a href="{{ post.application_path }}#comments">
<span class="fa fa-comment" aria-hidden="true"></span> {{ post.comment_count }}
{% endfor %}

blogs Object

The blogs object allows you to access any specific blog in the portal, or to access all blog posts in the portal (regardless of the blog).



Returns a blogposts object containing all blog posts in the portal.

[blog name or id]

You can access any blog by its Name or Id properties.

{% assign blog = blogs["Blog Name"] %}

{% assign blog = blogs["da8b8a92-2ee6-476f-8a21-782b047ff460"] %}

blog Object

The blog object allows you to work with a single blog, allowing you to access the posts for that blog.



Returns a blogposts object containing all blog posts for the blog.


The Name of the Blog.


The Title of the Blog.


The URL of the Blog.

blogposts Object

The blogposts object allows you to access a collection of blog post objects.  You can order the blog posts and achieve pagination as well using liquid filters

{% assign blogposts = blogs.posts | order_by “adx_name”, “desc” | paginate: 0,4 | all %}
Note that blogs.posts.all is also a valid way to get all blog posts
blogs.posts | from_index: 0 | take: 2 
is also possible



Returns all blogpost objects in the collection.

A Single Blog Post



The URL of the post.


Returns the Content field for the post.


Returns the author for the post (which is simply a contact entity object).


The Title of the Post.


returns the interger value of the count of how many comments there are for a given post.


The date at which the post is/was published.