The OpenID 2.0 specification is considered obsolete and is being replaced by newer protocols like OpenID Connect. Avoid implementing the settings under this section when other options are available.

Specific support for Yahoo! OpenID 2.0 authentication is supported and enabled by a single site setting. In addition, a single custom Open ID 2.0 provider can be added by completing the fields of a custom provider. The settings are based on the properties of the OpenIDAuthenticationOptions class.

The majority of custom OpenID configurations will only specify values for the following four settings (with example values):

  • Authentication/OpenID/ProviderDiscoveryUri -
  • Authentication/OpenID/AuthenticationType - yahoo
  • Authentication/OpenID/CallbackPath - /signin-yahoo-openid
  • Authentication/OpenID/Caption - Yahoo!
Site Setting Name Description

Enables or disables external account sign-in and registration. Default:true

Authentication/OpenID/Yahoo/Enabled Enables or disables the Yahoo! OpenID 2.0 provider. For backwards compatibility the setting name Authentication/OpenAuth/Yahoo/Enabled is also allowed. Default: false
Authentication/OpenID/ProviderDiscoveryUri Required. The discovery URL of the OpenID provider. Example:
Authentication/OpenID/ProviderLoginUri The specific provider login page URL that is normally retrieved through the discovery service. Only use this setting if the setting Authentication/OpenID/ProviderDiscoveryUri does not work. Example:
Authentication/OpenID/AuthenticationMode The OWIN authentication middleware mode. MSDN.
Authentication/OpenID/Caption Recommended. Example: Yahoo!MSDN.
Authentication/OpenID/BackchannelTimeout Timeout value for back channel communications. Example: 00:05:00 (5 mins). MSDN.
Authentication/OpenID/CallbackPath Recommended. Specifies a unique return path for the provider. Example: /signin-yahoo-openid MSDN.
Authentication/OpenID/AuthenticationType Recommended. The OWIN authentication middleware type. Example: yahooMSDN.
Authentication/OpenID/SignInAsAuthenticationType The AuthenticationType used when creating the System.Security.Claims.ClaimsIdentity. MSDN.