Configuring a Contact for use on the Portal

After filling out the basic information for a contact, (or having a user fill it out the signup form in a portal), you must navigate to the web authentication tab on the contact form. Here there are a number of attributes which relate to web authentication. For this example we will assume you are using basic contact membership provider configured. For details on federated authentication options see this article.

Name Description
Username The username for the Portal User.
System User A CRM System User to associate this contact user to.
Reset Password To Sets the users password. Once the user logs in, the password will not longer be visible here.
Login Enabled Determies whether the contacts logon is enabled. If this is unchecked, it implies that this is just a system contact, not a portal user.
Locked out A user might be locked out if, for example they failed to enter their password repeatedly.

At a minimum, a user must have their logon enabled, a username, and a password (which will be hidden unless it is being reset) in order to authenticate on the portal. More fields under Identity provider, Invitations, and Validation can also be used but will be discussed in other sections of the documentation.