With the Adxstudio Portals Invitation feature you have the ability to invite contacts to your portal through automated email(s) created in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Invitees will receive an email, fully customizable by you, with a link to your portal and an invitation code. This code can be used to gain special access configured by you. With this feature you have the ability to:

  • Send Single or Group Invitations
  • Specify an expiry date if desired
  • Specify a user or portal contact as the inviter if desired
  • Automatically assign the invited contact(s) to an account upon invite redemption
  • Automatically execute a workflow upon invite redemption
  • Automatically assign the invited contact(s) to a Web Role(s) upon redemption

Invitation redemption can be accomplished using any of our many authentication options. For documentation regarding portal authentication see Portal Authentication and choose the model applicable to your portal version and configuration. The user will adopt any settings provided by the administrator upon redemption. An Invite Redemption Activity will be created for the Invite and Contact.

Invitations are sent via the "Send Invitation" workflow. By default, the workflow creates an email with a generic message and sends it to the invited Contact's primary email address. The “Send Invitation” workflow contains an email template that will need to be edited to contain a specific message for your portal and the correct hyperlink to your portal’s Invite Redemption Page.

Edit “Send Invitation” Workflow Email Template

Locate the “Send Invitation” workflow and deactivate it. Once deactivated you will be able to edit the email template to send the message you desire and provide a link directly to your portal’s Invite Redemption Page.

Create and Configure Invitations

To create a Invitation record within Microsoft Dynamics CRM click the "Create Invitation" button in the command bar. The button is available when a single Contact is selected in a Contact View and when viewing a Contact record. Clicking the button will open a new invitation form for the Contact. Invitations can also be created via the Invitations View by clicking "+New". Once the Invitation record has been created the "Run Workflow" button will appear enabling you to send the Invitation to the Contact(s).

Run "Send Invitation" Workflow

The Invitation will not be sent to the Contact(s) until the "Send Invitation" workflow is initiated.

The Invitation Form has the following fields:

Name Description
1. Name

A descriptive name for helping recognize the invitation.

2. Type

Single or Group. Single will allow only one contact to be invited and only one redemption. Group allows multiple contacts to be invited and multiple redemptions.

3. Owner/Sender

The CRM user that will be the sender of the email when the invitation is sent. This can be overridden in the "Send Invitation" workflow if the created email already contains someone in the from field.

4. Invitation Code

A unique code for the invitation that only the invitee will know. This is automatically generated when creating a new invitation.

5. Expiry Date

The date that represents when the invitation will become invalid for redemption. Optional.

6. Inviter

Can be used when a contact is the sender of the invitation. Optional.

7. Invited Contact(s)

The contact(s) to be invited to a portal.

8. Assign to Account

An account record to be associated as the redeeming contact's parent customer when the invite is redeemed. Optional.

9. Execute Workflow on Redeeming Contact

A workflow process to be executed when the invite is redeemed. The workflow will be passed the redeeming contact as the primary entity. Optional.

10. Assign to Web Roles

A set of web roles to be associated with the redeeming contact when the invite is redeemed. Optional.

11. Redeemed Contact(s)

The contact(s) that have successfully redeemed the invitation.

Maximum Redemptions Allowed

The number of times the invitation can be redeemed. Available for Group type invitations only.