Adxstudio Portals makes extensive use of caching to improve performance. As a result, changes made to CRM entities within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client or the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client may not immediately show up on the website. This can be resolved manually by recycling the application pool, rebuilding the website in Visual Studio, saving the web.config file, or by adding a browser toolbar button to click on that will make an HTTP request to the cache-invalidation handler. This will refresh the website with the latest CRM data changes. To automate the cache refresh see Web Notifications.

Cache Invalidation Javascript Bookmarklet

The following script can be added to your browser as a new bookmark/favorite link with the following value for its URL:

Internet Explorer 10+/Firefox/Chrome:

javascript:var url=document.location.protocol+'//'"")!=-1?document.location.pathname.split("/").slice(0, 3).join("/"):"")+'/Cache.axd?Message=InvalidateAll&d='+(new Date()).valueOf();var req=new XMLHttpRequest();'GET',url,false);req.send(null);window.location.reload(true);