Search provides the ability to search data across multiple entities within a portal. The feature uses a combination of index based search, live queries and cached results.

Default Entities Searchable in an Adxstudio Portal

The following entities can be searched within an Adxstudio Portal website provided the appropriate solution packages have been installed and search has been added to a portal. Note that the columns that are indexed will consist of the columns found in the "Portals Search" view, which can be customized.  Each Entity in the list has it's default set of attributes indexed listed below.

  • Article (Supported in Version 6. Older versions require customization, see Customize Search) - Must be published and 'Publish to Web' must be set to true.
    • Title, Created On, Description, Key Words, Language, Modified On, Number, Publish to Web, Subject, Record Created On, Status, Average Rating, Downvotes, Rating Count, Rating Sum, Upvotes
  • Blog
    • Name, Partial URL, Summary, Website
  • Blog Post
    • Title, Blog, Author, Copy, Date, Partial URL Summary, Published, Website (Blog)
  • Blog Post Comment
    • Name, Blog Post, Approved, Author, Author Email, Author Name, Author URL, Content, Posted On, Blog (Post)
  • Event
    • Name, Website, Address 1, Address 2, Catering Details, CIty, Content, Created On, Description, Location Name, Modified On, Room, State/Prov, Summary
  • Forum
    • Name, Created On, Description, Modified On, Parent Page, Website
  • Forum Post
    • Name, Website (Thread), Author, Content, Created On, Date, Modified On
  • Forum Thread
    • Name, Website (Forum), Created On, Modified On, Forum, Answered, Type
  • Idea
    • Title, Website (Idea Forum), Published to Web, Author, Author Name, Copy, Idea Forum, Partial URL, Status Reason, Submitted On, Summary
  • Idea Comment
    • Name, Published to Web, Author, Author Name, Content, Idea, Posted On
  • Idea Forum
    • Title, Partial URL, Summary, Website
  • Issue
    • Title, Website (Issue Forum), Author, Author Name, Copy, Issue Forum, Submitted On, Partial URL, Published To Web, Status Reason
  • Issue Comment
    • Name, Author, Author Name, Content, Issue, Posted On, Published To Web
  • Issue Forum
    • Name, Partial URL, Summary, Website
  • Web File
    • Name, Created By, Created On, Display Date, Expiration Date, Release Date, Summary, Website, Exclude From Search (boolean)
  • Web Page
    • Name, Partial URL, Author, Category, Copy, Created On, Display Date, Expiration Date, Modified On, Release Date, Summary, Title, Website, Exclude From Search (boolean), Description
  • Incident - Must be resolved and 'Publish to Web' must be set to true.
    • Case Title, Case Number Origin, Case Stage, Case Type, Created On, Customer, Description, Modified On, Owner, Priority, Product, Publish To Web, Resolution, Responsible Contact, Severity, Status, Status Reason, Subject


There are several Site Settings that configure the search within a portal.

Name Value Description
Search/Enabled true A boolean value that indicates if search is enabled or not.
search/filters Content:adx_webpage;Events:adx_event,adx_eventschedule;Blogs:adx_blog,adx_blogpost,adx_blogpostcomment;Forums:adx_communityforum,adx_communityforumthread,adx_communityforumpost;Ideas:adx_ideaforum,adx_idea,adx_ideacomment;Issues:adx_issueforum,adx_issue,adx_issuecomment;Help Desk:incident A collection of search logical name filter options. Defining a value here will add dropdown filter options to site-wide search. This value should be in the form of name/value pairs, with name and value separated by a colon, and pairs separated by a semicolon. For example: "Forums:adx_communityforum,adx_communityforumthread,adx_communityforumpost;Blogs:adx_blog,adx_blogpost,adx_blogpostcomment".
Search/IndexPath C:\AdxstudioXrmSearch_Index_CommunityPortal The physical path the portal search will persist the index data. Default: C:\AdxstudioXrmSearch_Index_MasterPortal
Search/IndexQueryName Portal Search The name of the system view used by the portal search query. Default: Portal Search
search/query +(@Query) _title:(@Query) _logicalname:adx_webpage~0.9^0.2 -_logicalname:adx_webfile~0.9 adx_partialurl:(@Query) _logicalname:adx_blogpost~0.9^0.1 -_logicalname:adx_communityforumthread~0.9 Override query for site search, to apply additional weights and filters. @Query is the query text entered by a user. Lucene query syntax reference:
Search/Stemmer English The language used by the portal search's stemming algorithm. Default: English

Manually Creating the Search Index

  • Login to the web portal with a user account that has administrator rights and visit http://yourportalurl/SearchIndex.axd?Message=Build (Replace ‘yourportalurl’ with the url of your web portal)

Automatically Updating the Search Index

When data changes in CRM, the Search Index should be updated. To accomplish this, simply configure a Web Nofication URL that points to your portal's SearchIndex.axd HTTP handler.


Windows Azure Configuration

Please refer to Search in Windows Azure for the necessary configuration to make search operational in Windows Azure deployments.




Luke is a handy development and diagnostic tool, which accesses already existing Lucene indexes and allows you to display and modify their content.


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