Ads are placed in Page template via the Ad Placement control, which will rotate randomly through all published, released Ads associated with the Ad Placement CRM entity referenced by the control. 

Ad placements display Ads, which are configured through CRM.  They are not front-side editable.  Configuring Ads and Ad placements is the task of a content publisher; all the developer needs to do is place the AdPlacement on a page template, set it's PlacementName attribute to The name of the Ad Placement Entity in the CRM.

Example Ads are configured in the Company Portal starter website.  This Website has examples of an AdPlacement in it's master page (on the sidebar) and additionally on it's home page.

Placing an Ad Placement on a Page Template

Place the control on an .aspx page in the region in which you want the Ad(s) to appear. This will often be on the master page in sidebar/header/ footer areas.  To add the control, the following control declaration can be added to the page template in the web application project:

<adx:AdPlacement ID="SideBarAd" runat="server"></adx:AdPlacement>


 The Ad Placement is configurable via a number of attributes, described below:

 PlacementName The name of the associated Ad Placement record in CRM.
 PortalName Optional.  Allows specifying the portal name.  Default is null.
 ShowCopy Boolean.  If set to true, The Copy field of the Ad in CRM will be displayed, otherwise it will be hidden. Default is True.
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