Comments can be added to web pages, ideas, and Blogs by adding the comment control to the page template or user control and enabling or disabling comments within the CRM (See Page Comments, Blog Post Comments, and Idea Comments).  The Comment Policy of Page, Idea, or Blog comments will determine who can see, post, approve, and modify comments on the portal.

Adding Comments to Pages

  • Add the following declaration to your page template
<%@ Register src="~/Controls/Comments.ascx" tagname="PageComments" tagprefix="adx" %>
  • Add the following control declaration to your page template to the appropriate location you would like the page's comments to be rendered.
<adx:Comments runat="server" /> 

Adding Comments To Blogs

To adde comments to blogs, add the same declarations as above for pages to your BlogPost.aspx page template in your web application.  By default in The Blog postal, comments for blogs are already enabled. (whether or not users can actually post comments is determined by blog post policy).

Adding Comments to Ideas 

Comments are a built-in feature of the Idea MVC application.  If you set up ideas on your portal, you can allow users to post comments by managing your comment policy in the CRM.

Comments Control Properties

The control has several properties that can be specified to modify the behavior.

EnableRatings Set to "true" to allow users to rate individual comments. Default is "false"

One of the following

  • "rating" - Displays a rating scale which allows the users to rate comments based on a numeric scale or 'star rating'. This is the default setting.
  • "voting" - Displays a vote mechanism which allows the users to vote on comments similar to like or dislike.