CrmSiteMapChildView is a custom web control that will display the child site map nodes of a given starting site map node and utilizes user-defined templates to render output. See ASP.NET SiteMaps.

This control uses an implicit data source and does not support setting an explicit data source. Attempting to set the data source of this control externally will cause exceptions.

Adding CrmSiteMapChildView to a Page Template

The following control declaration can be added to an ASP.NET page template in the Visual Studio Web Application project to add a list of hyperlinks to child pages.

<crm:CrmSiteMapChildView runat="server">
		<div class="navigation frame">
				<asp:PlaceHolder ID="ItemPlaceHolder" runat="server" />
			<asp:HyperLink NavigateUrl='<%# Eval("Url") %>' 
				Text='<%# Eval("Title") %>' runat="server" />
			<crm:CrmEntityDataSource ID="ChildEntity" 
				DataItem='<%# Container.DataItem %>' runat="server" />
			<crm:Property DataSourceID="ChildEntity" 
				EditType="html" runat="server" />


Control Properties

The CrmSiteMapChildView control has several properties that can be specified to modify the behavior.

SiteMapProvider The name of the SiteMap provider that the control binds to.
StartFromCurrentNode A boolean value indicating whether or not to the control will use the current site map node as the starting point for data retrieval. The default value is true.

A negative integer offset from the starting node that determines the root node whose child nodes will be bound. Default value is 0.

This control only supports negative offets. Values greater than 0 are not supported.
StartingNodeUrl The URL of the starting node that determines the root node whose child nodes will be bound.
PortalName The portal context configuration name that the control binds to.  Default value is unassigned.