Learn how to use the powerful features and functionality provided by Adxstudio Portals.

Portal Application Guide

Adxstudio Comes with many pre-packaged features that you can mix-and-max in your portal.  The power of Adxstudio comes in the fact all aspects of these features are managed fully within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and are tracked in the CRM as well. 

Included are Community Features, Opportunity Management, Municipal Government Features, and much more.

Learn about the portal applications included with Adxstudio Portals. Use them as they are, or as a starting point for your custom Adxstudio Portals application.

Content Publishing

Adxstudio Portals offers a powerful suite of editing tools. Users with suitable permissions can add, modify, or delete web pages and their content without having to directly access the databases and web servers that physically contain these entities. Editing can be performed in any modern browser and is accomplished through the use of two powerful yet intuitive tools.

Content Management

Using the front-side editing engine to publish content on a portal, plus a guide to the entities that make up the Adxstudio Portals Content Management System and a rundown of the Site Map.

Portal Theming

The portal applications included with Adxstudio Portals are built using the Bootstrap front-end framework. By taking advantage of the Bootstrap ecosystem, you can quickly and easily theme these applications to suit your brand.