Deep-dive into the various entities that make up the Adxstudio CMS system.  This guide is equally for Configurators and End-Users.

Page Templates

While Web pages are nodes in your portal’s sitemap which represent content accessible to portal users, Page Templates represent the actual .aspx pages which provide a means to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout your entire website. Page templates are built using ASP.NET pages, master pages, cascading style sheets (CSS), user controls, and server controls.

Site Settings

A Site Setting is a configurable named value that is utilized by website code to modify the behavior or visual style of the portal.


Shortcuts allow you to place child nodes throughout your portal’s sitemap that simply point to other nodes that exist in your sitemap, or to URLs external to your portal. 

Publishing States

Publishing States allow for the definition of a content lifecycle in an Adxstudio Portals Website. At a basic level, a Publishing State can determine whether an associated entity should be considered visible/published on a portal. In more complex configurations, they can define a multi-stage process for content review and publishing, with security restrictions on each stage.

Site Markers

A Site Marker is a method of associating a web page by a consistent name, so that regardless of whether the partial URL changes, the name is modified, or the page is re-parented, it can be found by hyperlinks that use Site Markers or by code-behind redirects and manually constructed URLs that refer to the Site Marker.