Released with Version 7.0.0013 were new Page and Web Templates. If your portal was upgraded from a previous version, unfortunately these templates were not included as they are stored in CRM data. New data is not pushed into CRM as part of the upgrade due to the risk of overwriting any previous changes made. The following instructions will take you through the entire process of downloading and then uploading upgraded Templates into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you would like to view demonstrations or want more information regarding the upgraded templates take a look at this blog written by Adxstudio Inc. CEO/CTO Shan McArthur.

Add Version 7.0.0013 Page and Web Templates

Start by downloading and following the instructions below to upload the data into your CRM. Once the Page and Web Templates have been uploaded into CRM, execute an Advanced Find and Bulk Edit to re-parent your sites to use the new templates.

Importing Templates Step by Step


Locate and select then click NEXT

Review the File Upload Summary then click NEXT

Select Default (Automatic Mapping) then click NEXT

Choose the corresponding CRM record type (Page Template & Web Template) then click NEXT

Ignore the first three fields on each Record Type. "(Do Not Modify)" will remain unmapped. Ensure that all other fields on BOTH record types are mapped correctly, then click NEXT

Review your mapping summary then click NEXT

Assign an owner of the records, review your settings, and then click SUBMIT

You will be notified that your data has been submitted for import. Click FINISH

Verify that your data has been imported successfully and without error

Executing an Advanced Find and Bulk Edit Step by Step

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, the Advanced Find feature is now available on all pages within your CRM. Utilizing the advanced find is a great feature to conduct queries, create Personal Views, and most importantly it will assist you in enabling the new Page and Web Templates for your Portal. If you are using CRM 2013 be aware that the Advanced Find feature is only readily available on the Command Bar within your Dashboard and via ellipsis (three dots) within the list view of an entity. If you are viewing records within an entity the Advanced Find feature will not be available.

Once inside the Advanced Find, define your query to return the Page Templates where the Website does not contain data and click RESULTS (this will return the newly upload templates)

With the results of the Advanced Find displayed, select the desired Page Templates, and click EDIT

Within the Bulk Edit window (Change Multiple Records) identify the Website you wish to use the new Page Templates with. Click CHANGE and you will have successfully implemented the new Page/Web Templates.