Page Comments provides users with the ability to view and post comments on a web page. By Default this feature is disabled and can be enabled on a page by page basis within the CRM.

Depending on the Page Template used to render the page, comments will only be available if the developer has added the Comment control to the template.

Enable Page Comments

  • Login to CRM
  • Navigate to Portals
  • Click Web Pages
  • Double-click on the desired Web Page listed in the grid.

Open Web Page

  • Set the Comment Policy to the setting you desire

Page Comment Policy

The page comment policy determines the visibility of comments on the page.  This policy can be inherited (and is inherited by default).

The comment policy of the parent page will be used. This is the default setting.
Submissions from all users, anonymous and authenticated, are allowed and displayed immediately.
Open to Authenticated Users
Only submissions from authenticated users are allowed and they are displayed immediately.
Submissions from all users, anonymous or authenticated, are allowed. The submissions will not be displayed until a moderator approves them.
Existing submissions are displayed, but no new submissions are allowed.
User submissions are disabled. No submissions can be made or viewed.

Using Page Comments

Web Pages that have page comments enabled and the developer has applied the control to the template, authenticated users can post comments using the rich text editor.

Page Comments

Managing Page Comments in CRM

The page comments can be viewed, modified, or deleted within CRM.

  • Login to CRM
  • Navigate to Portals
  • Click Web Pages
  • Double-click on a Web Page listed in the grid

Select Web Page

  • Click Page Comments link in the left hand navigation menu

Page Comments Nav

The associated view lists the comments for the selected web page. Within this view, users can modify or delete existing page comments.

Manage Page Comments