Event Access Permission is a security rule that can be assigned to a particular event and web role that can restrict particular users from viewing the event within the website.

Managing Event Access Permissions in CRM

Creating, editing, and deleting event access permissions can be done within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Login to CRM
  • Navigate to Event Management
  • Click Event Access Permissions

To create a new event access permission

  • Click New

To edit an existing event access permission

  • Double-click on an existing Event Access Permission listed in the grid

Event Access Permissions

Event Access Permission

A Web Role must be assigned for the rule to apply for users associated with the given role. See Web Roles.

Attributes & Relationships

The table below explains many of the Event Access Permission attributes used by Adxstudio Portals.

Name A name used for reference within the CRM.
Event  The event associated with the permission. 
Right  Restrict Read
  In This Section