Event Registrations are automatically associated to CRM Contacts and added to aggregate capacity counts. 

Managing Event Registrations in CRM

Creating, editing, and deleting event registrations can be done within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

  • Login to CRM
  • Navigate to Event Management
  • Click Event Registrations

To create a new event registration

  • Click New

To edit an existing event

  • Double-click on an existing Event listed in the grid

Event Registrations

Event Registration

User's can also register by submitting and event registration form in the portal. Note that the way the registration is processed in the website is controlled by the Page Template used for the registration page, and thus by the portal developer.

Attributes & Relationships

The table below explains many of the Event Registration attributes used by Adxstudio Portals. It is important to note that the way in which many of the content/display-oriented attributes are rendered is controlled by the Page Template used, and thus by the portal developer.

Attendee The CRM Contact record of the person registering for the event.
Event  The associated event being registered. 
Event Schedule The associated event schedule.
Registration Date The date and time the user registered.
Registration Confirmed Checked indicates the registration is confirmed. 
Registration Paid Checked indicates the registration fee has been paid. 
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