Adxstudio Portals’ E-Commerce features enable businesses to seamlessly integrate a shopping cart and checkout into the their portal application.

Users purchase items on the website, and the transactions are then tracked in CRM as orders and invoices. This allows businesses access to all the same powerful analytic reporting offered natively in CRM as it pertains to their web-facing E-Commerce-enabled portal.

Out of the box Adxstudio Portals integrates with 3rd Party payment service providers Authorize.Net and PayPal but can be made to work with most providers.

You can create a visual shopping experience, with rich browse, search and filter options.

Support standard business transaction processing, and build trust and engagement through ratings and feedback.

Product Catalog

Listing of the purchasable products in the portal.

Shopping Cart

Interface for users to put purchasable items in a virtual basket to be paid for using the checkout.


Interface for users to make online payments.

Payment Processing

Leverage payment gateway service providers to handle secure online payment for goods and services.