The Company Portal application is an example of a commercial website that offers online merchandise sales, career management, visitor interaction in the form of polls and ads, and corperate branding.

The web shopping experience builds from a foundation of CRM catalogs of products and pricing, providing on-page, add-to-cart, checkout and confirmation opportunities.

The Careers function provides job postings and application forms directly on a webpage. This allows for the creation of Contact records and the triggering of workflows with each applicant submission.

This Portal provides implementations of the following features:

Solution Package Requirements

The following solution packages must be installed on the CRM Organization prior to running the Company Portal.

  • Adxstudio Portals Dependencies
  • Adxstudio Portals Base
  • Adxstudio Careers
  • Adxstudio Web Forms
  • Adxstudio Commerce
  • Adxstudio Workflows

Alternatively, the Adxstudio Portals Complete and Adxstudio Portals Complete Workflows solutions can be installed in place of the base and supplementary solution packages.

The application form for Careers utilizes Web Forms and requires the Adxstudio Web Forms solution package. Accessing the application page without this will generate a runtime error. The remainder of the portal will function normally.

See Solution Packages for more details regarding the solutions. For more information regarding installation, see Installation Instructions.

Website Data Requirements

The Adxstudio Portals installation package includes an XML backup file that can be used with the WebsiteCopy utility to import the necessary website and related data into your CRM Organization. The location of the file can be found in the Adxstudio Portals installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\ADXSTUDIO\XrmPortals\<version number>\Samples\CompanyPortal.xml)

Web Application Project

The code necessary to run an ASP.Net Website leveraging the Adxstudio Portals framework is contained in the Visual Studio Web Application project included in the installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\ADXSTUDIO\XrmPortals\<version number>\Samples\MasterPortal\). For instructions on getting the website running in IIS, see Set Up Sample Websites.

Configuration of Company Features