Easily manage conference details using Conference, Speaker, Sponsor, and Event records in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM; then have them instantly published to your audiences via a conference web portal.

When registering for a conference, attendees experience a full-service, step-by-step registration process including: booking additional event selections, booking air flights, making hotel reservations, paying conference fees, and confirming their registration.

Once registered, attendees can see all related event details including session locations, speaker details and available sponsor information. Registered attendees can interact with conference organizers online as they register for conference sessions, cancel sessions, and provide session feedback.

Conference organizers maintain a 360 degree view of all conference entities. Any changes made to conference or event records results in an immediate update of conference website content and registered attendee displays.

The Conference portal Implements the following features:

Solution Requirements and Sample Data

The Adxstudio Installer in CRM can install a data package containing a sample website for a Conference Portal. Please refer to the following listing in our gallery regarding the solution dependency requirements and package details. http://community.adxstudio.com/gallery/websites/detail/?id=8b8b08e4-fc8d-e311-ab35-6c3be5bdda64

Web Application Project

The code necessary to run an ASP.Net Website leveraging the Adxstudio Portals framework is contained in the Visual Studio Web Application project included in the installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\ADXSTUDIO\XrmPortals\<version number>\Samples\MasterPortal\). For instructions on getting the website running in IIS, see Set Up Sample Websites.

Configuration Of Conference Portal Features

  • Create a new Conference or edit the existing conference that comes with the portal
  • The current conference record is selected by Name by the value assigned to a Site Setting named "conference-name". Based on the conference record found with the matching name, the details of this conference are displayed in the portal.
  • Create your sessions as Events.  Ensure all Events have speakers, locations, etc.
  • If you wish to accept online payment, have a developer configure payment options on the Registration page.  Otherwise, remove the payment step and have incoming registrations fullfilled via your own business process