There can be many causes of the "Adxstudio Portals license for this application is not valid" screen to appear when testing, setting up, and deploying Adxstudio portals. The following screen is what appears (unless you are using version 5.1.0004 which has improved license validation messaging).

License validation screen prior to 5.1.0004

License Error


Adxstudio Portals 5.1.0004 - enhanced license validation messaging

Enhanced Validation Messaging

Reasons why the License is not Valid Screen is Shown

  • The organization name of the CRM does not match the <organization> tag in the license key xml
  • The IIS website has been setup incorrectly which stops the website from being able to communicate with the CRM
  • The portal website used has enhanced features that the license key does not permit access to
  • The license key XML has been entered incorrectly
  • The IIS cache has not been cleared
  • The license key has expired
  • The license keys effective date is in the future with respect to the current web server date
  • Using a license key for Adxstudio Portals 4.1 or earlier on a 5.0.x or 5.1.x Portal (or vice versa) 

Troubleshooting Steps

1) Upgrade to version 5.1.0004 to get the enhanced license validation messaging.

2) Check the organization name on the key and compare it to the organization name on your license key. If the key has no <organization> tag then you are using an evaluation key, partner key, or an enterprise key and can skip this step.

For on-premise Integrated or AD deployments the url path of the org name is usually http://ServerName/OrganizationName or

For Claims, IFD, or CRM Online deployments the url path of the crm is usually or The organization name in the production server URL must match the license key.

Eg. If we had a CRM setup on the following url  http://CRM2011/AdxstudioPortals. The organization name would be AdxstudioPortals and the license key should have the tag <organization>AdxstudioPortals</organization> (See screenshot below).

Please note that the Unique Organization Name which is found by going into the CRM and clicking on Settings > Customizations > Developer resources may not be the same as the organization name in the URL of the CRM. The Adxstudio code only validates that the organization name obtained in the CRM URL is the same as the xml license key.

CRM Organization Name

3) After seeing the license is not valid screen, wait for 10 seconds and then refresh the page. If you are getting a stack trace error or a friendly error message after refreshing that means that the website or IIS is throwing an error (See screenshot below). If you see a message like "We're sorry but something went wrong", you are probably seeing the custom error message. In the web.config set <customErrors mode="Off"> and refresh the website to get the detailed error message.

The license is not valid screen is being thrown because the website cannot contact the CRM to download the license key data. Please troubleshoot the error and once the website is working correctly the license is not valid screen should no longer be shown.

IIS Error

4) Check to see if the sample portal you installed has features that are not included with your license key.

Standard License
- No additional features

Professional License
- Includes the Ideas, Blogs, Web Forms, and Forums features

Enterprise License
- Everything in Professional plus the ability to use the Conference Portal and the Partner Portal sample sites
- Unlimited development organizations

Here is the full list of the features list and what it looks like in your license key:
  <feature>Partner Portal</feature>
  <feature>Web Forms</feature>

If your deploying the Community portal which uses these advanced features but you only have a standard license key, you will get the license is invalid screen. You can either strip out the features you don't use, use a different sample portal to start from, or upgrade your license key.

5) The Adxstudio License Key entity in the CRM needs a record created for the key. The name value is arbitrary but the XML field is where the license key is placed. My suggestion is to open the xml file in notepad, or another text editor, and copy / paste to the XML field on the CRM record. Note that if you copy the license key from Internet Explorer, hyphen characters will be embedded in the license key which will cause validation issues.

 <license for="Adxstudio Portals" version="5.0" id="test">
  <feature>Partner Portal</feature>
  <feature>Web Forms</feature>
  <Signature xmlns="">

Adxstudio License Key XML

6) Check the <expiry> tag in the xml. If you are using this key past the expiry date, the license is invalid screen will show.

7) Check the <effective> tag in the xml. If you are using the key before the effective date, the license is invalid screen will show.

8) Check that the first line of the license key ( <license for="Adxstudio Portals" version="5.0" id="test">) matches the dll version of your Adxstudio.Xrm.dll included in the bin folder of your website project (IIS web site).

Note that if the license key xml says version="5.0" that this key will work against 5.0.x or 5.1.x version of our portals. If you use the previous key against an Adxstudio Portals Version 4.0 or 4.1 web site you will get the splash screen.

Likewise, if the license says version="4.0", you cannot use that key against a website that is using Adxstudio Portals version 5.0.x or 5.1.x.

9) The cache of the website has not been cleared by using manual cache invalidation or by recycling the application pool that is connected to your web portal.