Installing a License Key

1) Install the Adxstudio Portal solutions

2) Click settings, scroll to the right and click the Adxstudio License Keys entity (Figure 1)

Settings > Adxstudio License Key 

Figure 1

3) Click the Adxstudio License Key entity  to bring up the view (Figure 2)

License Key View

Figure 2

4) Click the new button to create a key entry (the view should be blank). Create it with any name and paste the contents of the xml key file into the xml field. (Figure 3) *Note that some programs will insert hyphen characters when copying and pasting the xml key which will cause the validation to fail. *IMPORTANT* If you are replacing a pre-existing key, you must delete the old key! Your Dynamics organization should have only one key installed at a time. Failure to delete pre-existing keys will result in 'license not valid' notification on your portal website.

License Key Record

Figure 3

5) Once you've uploaded the key to your Dynamics instance and saved the License Key record, you will need to invalidate the portal's application cache for new key to take effect. Restart your portal application server. Alternatively, you can attempt to use the Cache Refresh Link to refresh the portals and to test if the key is working

If you are having issues with the license key not validating. Please see this article.