A sample CRM Organization can be downloaded that contains the customizations of the Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and data for demonstration purposes. Importing this organization into your CRM server is the quickest method to easily review the sample portals without having to manually create data in CRM.

The database backup is produced from a CRM organization with version 5.0.9690.3448 UR13. To import this organization you must have Update Rollup 13 or newer applied to your CRM server.

1. Download the Sample Organization

  1. The sample CRM Organization backup database file AdxstudioPortals_MSCRM-x-x-xxxx.zip can be downloaded here.
  2. Extract the AdxstudioPortals_MSCRM.bak backup file from the AdxstudioPortals_MSCRM-x-x-xxxx.zip archive

2. Restore the Sample Organization Database

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Connect to your SQL Server
  3. In Object Explorer, expand your Server
  4. Right-Click on Databases
  5. Click Restore Database…

    Restore Backup

  6. Enter AdxstudioPortals_MSCRM in the To database: field.
  7. Select From device:
  8. Click the button labeled ""

    Restore From Device

  9. Click Add

    Click Add

  10. Navigate to the location you extracted the backup and select the AdxstudioPortals_MSCRM.bak file.
  11. Click OK

    Click OK

  12. Click OK

    Click OK

  13. Check Restore
  14. Click OK

    Check Restore, Click OK

When restore has completed, Click OK

Click OK

The sample demo organization database is now ready to be imported using CRM Deployment Manager.

3. Import the Sample Organization

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Tools\Microsoft.Crm.DeploymentManger.exe)
  2. Click Organizations
  3. Click Import Organization…

    Click Import Organization

  4. Specify SQL Server
  5. Select AdxstudioPortals_MSCRM from the Organization database dropdown.
  6. Click Next

    Select AdxstudioPortals_MSCRM, Click Next

  7. Enter AdxstudioPortals into the Display name and Unique Database Name fields
  8. Click Next

    Enter AdxstudioPortals, Click Next

  9. Specify a Report Server URL or use the default provided
  10. Click Next

    Click Next

  11. Select Automatically Map Users (recommended)
  12. Click Next

    Click Next

  13. Click Next

    Click Next

  14. Click Next

    Click Next

  15. Click Import

    Click Import

  16. Wait for import to complete


  17. Click Finish

    Click Finish

    The sample demo organization AdxstudioPortals is now available to be used.

    The demo AdxstudioPortals organization includes all the necessary data to demo the sample portals.

    The sample organization has a single CRM Contact record with administrator for the Web Authentication Username and pass@word1 for the Password. Once you have setup the website(s) you can login using these credentials.

    The next step is to set up the sample websites.