WebsiteCopy.exe is an application that will create an exact copy of an existing CRM website including all site markers, page templates, setting, etc.  Please note that you must first install the Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in both the source and destination CRM prior to running this application.

The Website Copy utility can export an existing website from CRM to an XML file.  This XML file can be used to create a copy of the website into a CRM instance simply by using the Website Copy utility either from the command line or the wizard.

Using the Website Copy utility and setting the source to the BasicPortal.xml file included in the Samples folder of the Adxstudio Portals installation directory will initialize a website in a CRM instance.

WebsiteCopy.exe is located in the Utilities folder of your Adxstudio Portals installation directory.

This utility can be run from the command line or run using the wizard.

There is currently a bug in the utility when attempting to connect to CRM Online through the wizard. The wizard will stop working when attempting to go to the discovery URL. The work around is to:

  • Run the Plugin Registration Tool and connect to the discovery service;
  • Then through Windows Explorer, browse to your "%HOMEPATH%\LiveDeviceID\" directory and copy the "LiveDeviceID.xml" file to the same location. e.g. C:\Users\username\LiveDeviceID\LiveDeviceID.xml;
  • Rename the copied file to "LiveDevice.xml"