The Website Copy utility can be used to import websites that have been exported to an XML file.  Xrm Extensions includes 5 XML files (BasicSite.xml, Support.xml, UserGroup.xml, WireframeIndustries.xml, WwiConference.xml) located in the 'Samples' folder of the installation directory (C:\Program Files\ADXSTUDIO\XrmExtensions\2.2.00xx\Samples)

Connect to the Source CRM

Open the Website Copy utility which is located in the 'Utilities' folder of the Xrm Extensions installation directory (C:\Program Files\ADXSTUDIO\XrmExtensions\2.2.00xx\) and click 'Connect...'

Click 'Browse...'

Locate the 'Samples' folder found in the installation directory (C:\Program Files\ADXSTUDIO\XrmExtensions\2.2.00xx\Samples) and select one of the five WebsiteCopy Export files, then click 'Open'

Select source website name

After you have connected to the source CRM, you will need to select the name of the source website from the list created based on the sites found on the source CRM.  Then click 'Connect...'

Connect to the Destination CRM

Enter your 'Server URL' and select the 'Authentication' that is appropriate for your CRM instance.  Then click 'Connect'

Server URL examples:

Authentication = "Integrated" or "Active Directory" :

Authentication = "Internet Facing Deployment" :

Authentication = "Live ID" :

Specify the Destination website name

After you have connected to the source and destination CRM, you may enter any name you desire for the destination website's name provided that one does not previously exsist under the name you have chosen. 

The final step is to click the "Copy Entities" button.

This will create an exact copy of the source website including all related entities such as site markers, settings, page template, etc.

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