This page lists the relevant information for this release of Adxstudio Portals. For full product information please see and the this KB regarding Adxstudio Portals (legacy) supportability

This release is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2013*, 2015, and 2016

* Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is compatible with Adxstudio Portals 7.0. However, no longer supported with Dynamics CRM 2013. Please reference this Supportability KB Article for full details Adxstudio Portals deployments on version 7.0.0017 and below are unsupported on any version of Dynamics CRM. To reach a supported state, organizations with an Adxstudio Portals deployment on version 7.0.0017 or below must upgrade to version 7.0.0018 or higher and ensure that the associated Dynamics CRM organization is running Dynamics CRM 2015 or higher (including Dynamics CRM Online).

Adxstudio Portals 7.0 introduces a new way to manage Adxstudio components and data in CRM. Instead of importing CRM solutions manually, as in previous versions, simply import the AdxstudioInstaller solution, then launch the solution configuration page.

From this interface, you can install and update the Adxstudio components you want, and have their dependencies installed automatically. The installer will also help you keep your installation up to date, and let you install additional solutions and data from the Adxstudio Community Gallery.

Adxstudio Installer is now the preferred way to manage Adxstudio components in CRM.